Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the Beginning.....

Please allow myself to formally introduce uhm.... myself.

I am Cunning Linguist. Some of you may know me from such works as "Cannibal Women in the Avacodo Jungle of Death" and "The Curious Dr Humpp". Others may remember my award winning work in the Skintastic lotion commercials as "chapped elbow guy #3" and the ever lovable kid Whipple in the "Sore Bottoms Deserve 3-ply-loving" ad campaign. As of late, I've been super lazy and ignoring my blog that some of you may know as Much Ado About Nothing. I've just ended a brilliant run of lazy there and have broken my non-post streak of several months now. I have to tell you, I didn't think I could even be that lazy but, it seems I've even outdone my own estimations in that area.

You're probably asking yourself something. "Uncle Cunning, what on earth am I doing here?". Well, I'm glad you asked. Years ago I read a literal masterpiece called Happy Birthday to Hell. It was a comic book put out there by Piranha Press. A story of a character we have all heard of through the ages, but with a twist. It dared asked the question "What if Satan isn't who and what we think he is?". I know, it's blaspheme. To that I say genuflect the other way. I have no dog in the fight of religion Vs. atheism within this blog. It's about the STORY rather than the theological debate that raises my interest here.

This brilliant work of art ( I'm starting out early with the ass kissing here because basically I'm stealing the whole idea and concept from them, hoping not to get slammed against the wall here) was written by Dave Louapre and illustrated by Dan Sweetman. On a non butt-kissing note, I and a LOT of others have fallen in love with the writings and graphics involved in just this one facet in their collaborations. I've tried to dig up opinions on the Internet on it all and one thing resounds. "Why hasn't this story been brought further out and given more body?". I have to be honest, I asked the same question. SO much more can be done with it. I showed a lot of people that I know the text and pointed to the artwork on numerous occasions. It's kind of funny, but more than a few have come back with the opinion that Dave and I write in a very similar manner. I hadn't thought about that in the past but, I guess we kind of do in a strange way. While I'd never be so bold to suggest that I'm as gifted as the great Dave Louapre ( see what I did there? More lips on the backside. Please don't sue me), I'd sure like to give continuing the story a shot.

My plan is simple : Introduce myself ( Hello, look up). Enter the next few posts with original story, and then continue on as "Wally". Over at my original blog I will always and forevermore be the lovable self centered selfish ticked off jerkwad that you all know and love. But here, here is where Wally will take form and hopefully grow. I'll be honest, I don't really know if I can do that, much less do it and plainly say I am stealing another's idea and trying to expand on it without getting a mountain of legal action. With ANY luck, the super awesome duo of Dan and Dave ( hi, guys. Lip to cheek action a'plenty here. Hope ya see the humor and fan-admiration in all of this) might even let it go and who knows...... it'll become a mini series and blockbuster movie. Then we'll turn big mega famous and be all "blog/writing fans who? No, no. They aren't on the list.". Hehhhh, I keeeeed. I keeeeed.

In closing, I'm going to do my best all around to give all credit where it is due as best I can. That includes graphics ( Before I forget. A HUGE thank you goes out to Lilly for providing the layout and design of this place. I'm a dumb monkey when it comes to this stuff and she's an ace as well as a really good friend. Lilly, props to ya for the help around here), ideas sent in by you guys ( click the about me link for the e-mail) and anything else that I may use to muddle through this. I truly do hope you enjoy the concept and story of the whole thing.

That's really the focus here. Butt kissing aside, these guys have natural talent and I only hope to do it justice.

With that said, it's time to be Wally. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to send in your ideas and comments to the e-mail link when ya click the "about me" page.

Much love to all....... Cunning.


Anonymous said...

Comment test

Unknown said...

I'm not familiar with the comic, but am looking forward to this venture.


Welcome wally Wallbanger. :)

Damon Peter Rallis said...

Holy Christ Cunning! This is exciting...

tehkorah said...

Hmmm.... so this is what happens when I leave you to your own devices? I like, I like. ;)
Been around the block,.... couldn't find a decent corner store, so I'm back.
But seriously, this sounds like a great project and I wish you the best. Keep me up-to-date when you get a chance, or if you don't wanna (grr) then send out another mass-blast invite to read. *sniff, sniff*

Wally said...

Anon ~ Test works.

Lilly ~ Fan of Satan. Nice. I like that. We're a union shop, though. You may want to re-think the whole butt-kissing thing. You get the same annual raise as anybody else in the 7 levels.

Eva ~ What's not to love about blue convertibles and brimstone?

Uber ~ The Morning Star, Beelzebub, Satan, The One Most Unclean and now Wally Wallbanger. I think I like your name the best so far.

6FM ~ Holy Christ indeed. I feel like Jan in the Brady Bunch going Marsha Marsha Marsha! It's always about my little brother, JC. What about me? I should start a blog. Oh, wait a minute. :)

Tehkorah ~ Did you know your name spelled backwards is Harokhet? I knew a girl named that in ancient Babylon. A little weird, had a thing for cloven hoof if ya know what I mean. *wink*

Flat Stanley said...

aha, i forget all about you and look at what you go and do. Be checkin' on you, happy writing, Wally.

Wally said...

Flat Stanley ~ Thank you and all of your flatness for coming here. Not that hell needs more, but I made special room for you ;)